Monday, September 21, 2009

Yesterday, I was energized...perhaps I should start a blog, there is so much to say, do and talk about and I was feeling so very social. That was Sunday, and then Monday came and I went to work and came home, sat down at the computer and thought hmm.....I can't think of ANYTHING to say. Well, such is life :)

So, I suppose this is the part where I tell you about myself. I am 55 and happily married to the man of my dreams for 36 years....whoa, did I just say that? Time flies, yes 36 wonderful years to a man who spoils me. Let me tell you his latest version of spoiling me. We used to live near Barberton Ohio. Have you ever tasted Barberton chicken? I grew up going to the chicken houses in Barberton. They were started by Czechoslovakian (where is the spell check on this thing)...families and with the chicken they serve their own brand of cole slaw and hot rice. Since we have moved away I look forward to stopping by for Barberton chicken whever we are back in the area. And I especially look forward to the hot rice. Well, yesterday my husband mastered the hot rice recipe! The recipe has been in the newspaper before and we have tried it out, and it just didn't taste quite the same. But yesterday, he figured it out ! And there is a very large bowl of hot rice sitting in our fridge just waiting for the next mealtime. I'm feeling very spoiled :)

I am very passionate about the things that I enjoy. I love card making or paper crafting and genealogy. I intend to bring these hobbies together in a family album and keep collecting toward that endeavor, but am waiting for the right time to put it all down on paper. I would also like to incorporate faith booking into this combination hobby for you see these hobby's are really a reflection of my true roots in Christianity. "God put the lonely in families" cardmaking, scrapbooking and genealogy are activities that celebrate those families. I do love my family, the ones I know today, the ones who came before and the ones who will carry on. When describing me, people have told me that I tend to get the "big picture" and maybe it is that part of me that thinks like this, but recently, I have begun to include in my prayers the family who are yet to come.

Jesus did this, when he was in the garden of Gethsemane that fateful week, he prayed for those yet to come into His kingdom. He actually prayed for us who walk the earth today. I'm glad that He did and I pray that my family will serve him with all their heart, my present family and those yet to come.

The day my first son was born, I sat in the bed, propped him up on my knees and began to pray over him, his whole life and his future wife. When his brother came along, I did the same for him. Through the years as these children grew, God has answered those prayers in meany powerful ways and today I have two loving, capable and God-fearing daughters that I call my daughters-in-love. I see every reason to begin to pray for the next few generations now and watch God begin to work in their lives as they unfold.