Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sometimes life has surprises

One never knows what a day holds...As I'm sure you've noticed, its been awhile since I've posted.  Shortly after returning from family camp we heard from our son Chris that he still was having some stomache issues that had started several weeks before we went to Family Camp.  Up to that time we had attributed his upsets to a virus, but it was clearly time to look a little deeper.  Chris visited a physician who suspected that the culprit was his gallbladder.  Gallbladder!? I said....your barely 23 years old!  We need another opinion.  Chris said that he didn't fit the four F's.....fat, forty, female and fertile.  This was true, but further tests still pointed to the GB as the guilty party and so we found ourselves packed in the car and on our way to Missouri to be with Chris while he had surgery.  All went well and he is feeling much better now and back to work.  To keep ourselves occupied while Chris was recovering, Samantha and I painted a few birdhouses.  IMy next blog I will tell you about the next trip that I took and show you some new cards that I made