Sunday, February 12, 2012

Banner Day at the Bird Feeder!

 Today was a banner day at the bird feeder.  Within about a 20 minute time span we saw chickadees, nuthatches, wrens, tufted tit-mouse, house finches, and sparrows.  But best of all, for the first time ever we saw a little blue bird at our feeder!!  He must have liked what he found as a few minutes later he came back and brought his family!  What fun!

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Belinda said...

Oh, lovely! We don't have a bird feeder in our yard because we don't have particularly hard winters, and few garden-type species migrate in Australia, so it's less help to the birds. We do get different bird species drinking in our fish pond, as water is a much scarcer resource than food where we are, but not this summer, as we have had lots of rain lately. So we mostly see our residents, but they are interesting enough.