Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fishing Fathers

I made a new discovery at a few months ago.  They have card creators on Cricut Craft Room that create cards and let you download the file free for one week.  

I was searching for a Father's Day card when I found this beautiful "Cut it Free" link here

 Silhouettes have always been a favorite art form for me and I have fond memories ( and a good story or two!) of my husband taking my sons fishing. 

So, this seemed like a perfect Father's Day image choice for my card.  You can see there was a little smudging problem on this one.  I had a little difficulty finding an adhesive that I was happy with for this intricate card, but I was thrilled with the intricacies of this silhouette beauty.  I wouldn't mind trying this again and cutting it out in black with a beautiful airbrushed sunset over the water.  

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