Thursday, May 21, 2015


Can I say it again...this was so much fun! The images are pre-printed from a Flower Soft card kit.   Flower Soft  is a 3 dimensional product that adds dimension and color to where you apply it.  It has a rather spongy texture to it.  

The pieces are very tiny, about the size of sesame seeds.  When applied in quantity to an area of flowers, it  brings them to life and adds a dimensional aspect to the card.  You can see the Flower Soft on the card below in the orange and yellow flowers.

I have seen Flower Soft in two sizes, one is regular and the other is ultra fine.  The Flower Soft used on these cards is the regular granularity.

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The kit comes with pictures on cardstock to cut out and layer.  The curtains are two layers and the valance is a layer.  Before I layered them onto the window, I ran them through an embossing machine with a textured embossing folder to give them a look and feel of fabric.  The embossing folder is called square lattice and is made by Stampin Up although it may be retired now.

Note that tiny pink and lavender butterflies.  I cut those using the Brother Cut 'n Boss.  I was amazed that it would be capable of cutting something so tiny, but it did a wonderful job.  It cut several different colored butterflies that did not have a black outline.  However, it does not cut yellow.  It seems that yellow just doesn't register.  I don't' know if the size had any bearing on that or not.
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Rushd Lady said...

What a lovely card! I think I would like to make this one too! By the way, my presentation in Lincoln, IL on my 3rd great-grandparents came off rather well, I believe. I wasn't nervous at all! God was with me, thank goodness!

Bobbkat said...

Thank you! I'm glad your presentation went well. It sounds like you are having so much fun with your hobbies! Life is good! said...

Your Flower Soft cards are amaaaaazing! I haven't tried the product. Your description of it makes it easy to understand and see what it does and why, but it sounds tedious to apply. Your cards are gorgeous, and the curtains, well, it all looks so real. Fun stuff! Thank you for participating in my Pinterest group board for Highlander Celtic Stamps, too.
Happy stamping